Shift your narrative, change your future. Pt.1


I’ve heard it said that 2020 was a “dumpster fire”. I like to think of it as a big torch that has illuminated a lot of dark areas in all our lives. As for me, I did a lot of soul searching and spiritual house cleaning. I’m not going to lie when I say it was hard to keep my narrative from becoming negative because it was at times near impossible.  But knowing that 2020 had only 365 days gave me the motivation to keep my eyes on the horizon and moving forward to greet 2021 with hope and enthusiasm.

“Narrative” is a word that I’ve noticed being used A LOT recently. Maybe because I’m desiring to become a good storyteller and therefore listening to storytelling podcasts. Either way, I like the definition of the word;

Narrative – 1. a story or account of events, experiences, or the like, whether true or fictitious.

I think we can all agree and are to some extent all guilty of giving an account of events in 2020 that may or may not be true. It has been brutally hard to find a good narrative in all the chaos and emotion.

We all have a narrative – a story.

We write a new page of our narrative every day. Our lives are a series of events that we see as true or untrue, fact, or fiction. How much of your narrative is fact vs. fiction? How much of the story that you tell yourself is true? With proof. Where do you get your facts? Your narrative matters and it must be the narrative that you tell.

Shifting your narrative to one that comes from your heart will change your future. It must. When we live from the truths in our story our narrative changes. When our narrative changes the way we see things changes and our story continues to evolve.

Fact or fiction, what’s your narrative?


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